We’d like to use this as a way to share long form content, written by Ballarat writers (and friends thereof), on writing, creating and those associated bits and pieces. We’d love to see your content. What kind of content? I’m glad you asked!

We are looking for things like:

  • Personal essays on writing, or finding your way as a writer
  • Essays on people or writers of note (with an emphasis on local, or at least Australian writers)
  • Posts about your creative process
  • News about book launch events or other exciting developments
  • The sharing of things that might be interesting for other members (write-ups about workshops, conferences etc.)

We aren’t looking for:

  • Fiction or purely creative fictional works (you know whether your work fits in this category or not, but if you want to argue semantics please email me)
  • Blatant self-promotion (i.e. reviewing your own book, talking about how great your website omglookatme.com is as a writing resource etc.)

Please send all submissions, questions or hate mail to publicity@ballaratwriters.com as a.doc, .docx, .rtf or .odt file (no .pdfs!). This page will be updated as we refine these parameters. Please note that all submissions, if accepted, will be edited for style.

We reserve the right to decline any submission, so if you’re not sure about your topic, please feel free to contact us prior to writing.

All contributors can supply a 50–100 word author bio and link/s to personal web pages and/or social media.



Do you pay for submissions?

We do not pay for submissions. We know there’s a phenomenal number of blogs and journals out there requesting submissions for free, but know that if no member ever submits, then the BWI committee have committed to producing content on a regular basis. We wanted to open submissions to the public to give people an opportunity to share their work in a supportive environment.