May’s Writers Corner saw a relaxed group of six engage in an afternoon of discussion about favourite writing tools and techniques. Some of us brought along tangible examples of the things we use in our quest to get words onto the page: dictionaries – rhyming or otherwise – style guides, the trusty thesaurus (not just shift F7), even favourite CDs for wooing the inner muse.

Surprisingly (or not) there was little discussion on word processing.  Most of the techn discussion was around the use of search and research; techniques and sources occupied a goodly amount of time.

The topic of Pantser Vs Plotter also got a reasonable airing.

An Australian Writers Centre survey suggests that the PANTSERS have delivered the writing world a clear victory – winning a decisive 64% of the vote. In doing so, they have established a clear mandate for writers to continue to “make it up as they go along” with true creative abandon.

PANTSERS: 64%        PLOTTERS: 36%

Hmmm….. What do you think?

Any way here are some Links and references.

Tools other than mainstream word processors list from Reedsy link above:

1. Reedsy Book Editor

2. Draft

3. LibreOffice

4. Mellel

5. Milanote

6. Evernote

7. Ulysses

8. Scrivener

9. Ommwriter

10. To Doist

11. Marinara Timer

12. Cold Turkey

13. Freedom

14. Noisli

15. Hemingway

16. Cliché Finder

The Most Dangerous Writing App

Even its creators call this app sadistic. If you stop typing for more than about three seconds it deletes everything you have written up to that point. It could force you into completing your work before that looming deadline, or it might just make you destroy your laptop in a fit of rage.

Next Month

Social media: love it or hate it – Is presence all that matters? Let’s invade the Twittersphere, freshen up Faces, Snap up a chat and talk about leveraging social media. Writers Corner is 1 June, 2-4pm, at the Bunch of Grapes hotel, Pleasant Street, Ballarat