Ballarat Writers currently have two critique groups:

The first critique group meets at Odessa wine bar @ Leavers Hotel, Creswick, at 11am on the second Saturday of the month.

The second critique group typically meets in back room of the Beechworth Bakery in Ballarat on the first Thursday of each month. They meet monthly and are open to new members.

For more information on when groups are meeting, or to get in touch with particular groups, please email publicity (AT)

What is a critique group?

The purpose of these critique groups is to read and give feedback on each others’ work. The initial meetings involve laying down ground rules about critiquing and ensuring everyone has equal time on their work. The goal is to help all writers improve not only their own writing, but also their feedback skills. Members are to give each other time to speak without being interrupted, and critique respectfully.

If you have any questions, please contact Ballarat Writers through the contact form on the website.