Book review – Something to Hide, by Elizabeth George

Title: Something to Hide

Author: Elizabeth George

Publisher:  Hachette Australia, 2022; RRP $32.99

Elizabeth George is the bestselling author of British crime novels featuring Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley and his partner, Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers. Her crime novels have been translated into 30 languages and developed into a television series by the BBC. Something to Hide is number 21 in the series.

George is also the author of a young adult series set on the island where she lives in the state of Washington. She has taught creative writing at colleges, universities, writers’ retreats, and conferences internationally. Her awards include the Anthony Award, the Agatha Award, France’s Grand Prix di Litterature Policiere, and Germany’s MIMI.

This novel is set in London where DI Lynley, DS Havers and Detective Sergeant Winston Nkata investigate the death of a Nigerian-born fellow officer. This leads the detectives into the world of the Nigerian community and a way of life that is both foreign and challenging to them. They uncover a controversial practice, accepted in parts of Nigeria but illegal in England. This practice causes trauma and conflict and touches upon all who are involved.

Further investigation leads the detectives to discover the murdered police officer had gone undercover into that community. As they delve deeper into the murder, it becomes evident there are major problems within her family as they uncover secrets and lies and a family in disarray. This leads to further complications for the detectives as they face a case that has multiple issues, twists and turns, and experiences they have not faced before.

This is a story dealing with many characters and multiple facets of human behaviour. Elizabeth George has taken a controversial subject and written a disturbing and thrilling crime novel. It moves along at a rapid pace and keeps the reader engaged. This novel opened my eyes to a practice I knew little about. The author has managed to achieve this with great sensitivity and skill.

Reviewed by: Linda Young

Ballarat Writers Inc. Book Review Group

Review copy supplied by the publisher

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  1. Heather Roche

    Sounds like a great read, Linda. Good review … so many tempting titles to put on the ‘to read’ list. Heather

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